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Beach in Cornwall
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Why St Ives is the place to be

So, St Ives is among the 10 best places to live in the UK – at number 4 – according to HousetoHome.

It won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has holidayed here.

The turquoise seas, clean white sandy beaches, and stunning coastal scenery are a magnet for families, artists, surfers, photographers, walkers and cyclists alike.

Add to that the quality of the shops, galleries, pubs, museum and array of mouth-watering local restaurants and it’s clear that the town really does offer something for everyone.

Walk up Tregenna Hill almost any time of the year and you’ll see visitors gazing into estate agents’ windows, perhaps contemplating the Cornish dream.

For most, it will remain just that – until their next visit!

And visit again they will.

Morveren (and I’m sure it’s not alone in St Ives) has very high levels of returning visitors who simply never tire of the place and its variety, whatever the time of year.

It seems none of us can get enough of that pure Cornish seaside air – which is just as well with four beaches, crystal clear waters, the stunning south west coast path and an exhilarating ancient moorland landscape to explore, rich in pre-historical sites.

And that’s before you’ve started on the surrounding towns, villages, stately homes, gardens and other visitor attractions….

If quality of life means an unhurried pace, outdoor living and beautiful surroundings, St Ives really is the place to be.

If you haven’t been before, give it a try: you will not be disappointed. Just don’t blame me if you find yourself gazing into estate agents’ windows on Tregenna Hill!